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How do you think Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) is doing? Do you have ideas about how SVSLA might improve its services to seniors in the Scotts Valley area? What needs exist in the local senior community that SVSLA might fill with a targeted grant? Would you like SVSLA to sponsor a workshop or presentation on a specific topic? What are your suggestions for improving the SVSLA website and/or branching out to new social media platforms?

Send us your ideas! We’d love to hear from you. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Your survey responses will help improve SVSLA’s services.

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 General SVSLA Questions

Questions 1-3 are general questions about SVSLA

Question 1:  What senior-related workshops would you like SVSLA to sponsor, e.g., health and wellness, senior safety?  (please be specific)

Question 2:  What grant(s) would you like SVSLA to provide that would benefit senior citizens in the Scotts Valley area?  Is there a specific need SVSLA could fill?  (please be specific)

Question 3:  Would you like to subscribe to the SVSLA Newsletter to receive information about upcoming SVSLA events in your Inbox approximately 4 times per year? (required)
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If YES, enter your email address here:

 SVSLA Website Survey Questions

Questions 4-8 pertain to the SVSLA website

Question 4:  Do you have a suggestion(s) for improving the Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) website? (required)
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 If NO, proceed to Question 9 below.

Question 5:  If YES, put a check mark next to each topic you would like ADDED to the SVSLA website:  (check all that apply)

Senior-related articles about:
local news   local art, cultural events & entertainment   local ballot items   health & wellness   retirement & financial information   political news   articles pertaining to all ages, not only senior citizens

Question 6:  What other topics would you like ADDED to the SVSLA website?

Question 7:  What sections would you like REMOVED from the SVSLA website?

Question 8:  Enter any other comments you have about the SVSLA website:

 SVSLA Social Media Survey Questions

Questions 9-14 pertain to social media platforms

Question 9:  Do you use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others?  (required)
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Question 10:  If you do NOT use social media, explain why not:

 If you do NOT use social media, proceed to Question 15 below.

Question 11:  Which social media platforms do you use?  (check all that apply)

Question 12:  How many hours per week do you visit social media sites?  (check one)

Question 13:  Which social media platform do you visit the most?

Question 14:  This question pertains to social media platforms that SVSLA may develop...

What types of information would you like to read at SVSLA social media sites?  (check all that apply):

Senior-related articles about:

Question 15:  Please enter any other comments to share with SVSLA:

 If you would like SVSLA to contact you about your survey responses or another concern, please enter your phone # at the top of this Survey and enter your request to be contacted in one of the “text boxes” above.

Thank you very much for completing this survey! Your responses will help improve SVSLA's services.