Join us for these Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) events for seniors, including educational opportunities, projects promoting healthy lifestyles, senior health fairs, and fundraising activities.

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Active Projects

New Performing Arts Center for Scotts Valley

SVSLA has served as the conduit for its supporters wishing to help with the construction of a new Performing Arts Center for Scotts Valley which will enhance musical and theatrical opportunities for our community. Consider being a Founding Partner in the effort to build this Performing Arts Center next to the nearby Scotts Valley library. Contributions to date total $6,400. For more information on this exciting project visit

Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors in our local schools

SVSLA has teamed up with the Scotts Valley Unified School District to offer senior citizens volunteer opportunities in our local schools. Your unique skills and interests will be matched with a volunteer position that is meaningful to you. Explore the numerous opportunities available, whether it is to help students in the classroom, work in the library, assist with office work, get involved with sports activities, speak to students about a career in your field of expertise, assist in the computer lab, or other activity of interest to you.

We all know that serving in a rewarding volunteer position definitely makes life more fun. For more information, contact Michelle Stewart, Director of Curriculum with the Scotts Valley Unified School District, at (831) 438-1820, ext. 114, or by email at

Free Water Heater Earthquake Inspections

Secure your water heater before the next earthquake. To coincide with the Great American Shake Out in October, SVSLA is sponsoring free water heater earthquake inspections to ensure your water heater is securely strapped to the wall. Helping Hands volunteers will inspect your water heater and, if necessary, install or replace your water heater straps at no charge to you. This activity is limited to the first 12 seniors in Scotts Valley to sign up. Call (831) 438-1000 soon to sign up.

Future Projects

Alternative & Complementary Medicine Program

More than 30% of adults in the USA use alternative medicine as a complement to conventional medical care. Yet as alternative and complementary medicine continue to increase in popularity, many of us do not know much about it. SVSLA is sponsoring this unique, educational program to shed light on this subject.

This alternative and complementary medicine program features a panel of well-known and respected experts in the fields of acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical marijuana, and nutrition who will discuss how these alternatives to conventional medical care may help with ailments common to people ages 50+. We’re all concerned about memory, joints, mobility, heart health, chronic pain, diabetes, sleep patterns and other ailments. Plus, this is an opportunity to get your personal questions answered by expert panelists. Also learn about “the placebo effect!”

Our esteemed panelists are:

  • Dr. Michael Tierra, LAc, OMD, AHG ~ speaking about “acupuncture” and “herbal medicine”
  • Valerie Corral, Co-founder and Director of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Alliance (WAMM) ~ speaking about “medical marijuana”
  • Richard Goldberg, PhD Holistic Nutrition ~ speaking about “nutrition”
  • Morris Barenfus, VMD, Science Professor emeritus, Bethany University ~ speaking about “the placebo effect”

More details about this informative educational program for senior citizens will be available here soon.

Are you a senior citizen concerned about yourself and other seniors? SVSLA exists to help all of Scotts Valley’s senior community. We need and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about what SVSLA can do to improve senior living for yourself and other seniors. Please share your thoughts and concerns by calling or emailing today.

What other topics and educational programs would be helpful to senior residents in the Scotts Valley area? Click here to share your thoughts with us.

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