Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) has made the following grants to benefit senior citizens in the Scotts Valley area.

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Exercise Machine at Montevalle

SVSLA provided grant for new exercise machine at Montevalle

Montevalle raised funds and SVSLA provided a matching grant to purchase a “Body-Solid EXM3000 Gym with Leg Press” exercise machine for Montevalle residents. This exercise machine can be used by all residents to improve ambulatory stability and therefore reduce fall risk, as well as help build muscular strength and muscle mass.

Grant for Urgent Safety Improvements at Spring Lakes Park

SVSLA provided a grant for urgent Safety Improvements at Spring Lakes Park senior residential community.

AED unit for Spring Lakes Park

A potentially life-saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was installed in the Spring Lakes Park community assembly hall where large gatherings of seniors meet socially. Watch this instructional video of the AED Demonstration presented by Armando Gomez, Senior Paramedic with the Scotts Valley Fire Department, at Spring Lakes Park.

New patio umbrellas for the Scotts Valley Senior Center

new patio umbrellas for the Scotts Valley Senior Center patio

This grant provided three new patio umbrellas for the back deck of the Scotts Valley Senior Center for the community to enjoy.

Replaced the dishwasher and stove at the Montevalle Lodge

Montevalle’s Lodge received a new dishwasher/sanitizer and new stove to replace its very old ones. Montevalle’s Lodge has been donated for years without charge for SVSLA’s monthly Dine-Out program. This equipment is used at these events.

AED unit for Montevalle

AED training at Montevalle

A potentially life-saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was installed in the Montevalle community assembly hall where large gatherings of seniors meet socially and to exercise. A training and maintenance program was set up for the unit. Watch this instructional video about how to use Montevalle’s AED device. Connie Golden and Karen Bonnie chaired this project.

Solo Dancing Instructional Video for Seniors

Solo Dance Video Project

This grant produced a video of this unique dance program along with lesson plans and a syllabus so other senior groups can learn of and enjoy this fun way to exercise. Ruth and Herb Fogel and Neil Martin chaired this project.

Prior Events

Scotts Valley Senior Life Association has completed the following programs which provided seniors in the community with educational and social opportunities that promote healthy living habits.

Senior Life Online Workshops

Senior Life Online

On the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month in 2021, and each Monday during 2020, local seniors joined with other local senior citizens at this weekly online (Zoom) workshop to hear a featured speaker and also chat with other seniors.

List of past Senior Life Online workshops and handouts (if available):
View all these videos at once at SVSLA‘s YouTube Channel.

  • » Nov 30, 2020 — Shelli Strahle, Attorney discusses  Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning (47 minutes)
  • » Nov 23, 2020 — “What’s happening in Scotts Valley and observations about what’s plaguing our political discourse” with Jim Reed, City Council
  • » Nov 16, 2020 — Wallace Baines discusses his new modern online news organization,  “Lookout Santa Cruz”, featuring news in Santa Cruz County. (53 minutes)
  • » Nov 9, 2020 — “Genealogy ~ Getting Started” with Debbie Doss, Director, and Kate Halversen, Consultant, Santa Cruz Family History Center
  • » Nov 2, 2020 — “Alfred Hitchcock’s Time in Scotts Valley” with Jay Topping, Scotts Valley historian
  • » Oct 26, 2020 — “Scotts Valley City Budget” with Scotts Valley City Council Member Jack Dilles
  • » Oct 19, 2020 — “History of Women’s Suffrage in Santa Cruz” with author and well-known local historian Ross Eric Gibson. Ross Gibson’s articles in the Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • » Oct 17, 2020 — Scotts Valley Mayor’s “2020 State of the City Address.” City officials discuss the city’s fiscal and development activities.
  • » Oct 12, 2020 — Donna Lind, long-time Scotts Valley city official talked about her ground-breaking 52-year career with the City of Scotts Valley, and the early days in Scotts Valley. View the presentation.
  • » Oct 5, 2020 —  Dr. John MacMillan, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research; Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry discusses “COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing at UCSC.” View the presentation.
  • » Sep 28, 2020 — Gail Pellerin, Santa Cruz County registrar of voters, discusses “Preparing for the November Election”.
  • » Sep 21, 2020 — Dr. Terry Hollenbeck, MD, retired emergency medicine physician, discusses “COVID-19 and other health concerns of senior citizens”. Buy Dr. Terry Hollenbeck’s book: “House Calls: Guidance on common medical topics”
  • » Sep 14, 2020 — Bruce McPherson, County Supervisor, 5th District, discusses “The Local Response to the Pandemic”. “Important Advice from a survivor of the Paradise Camp Files” shared by Donna Lind, Scotts Valley City Council Member
  • » Aug 13, 2020  — “Downtown Santa Cruz Transformations”” with Ross Eric Gibson, author & well-known local historian.   (55 minutes). Ross Gibson’s articles in the Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • » Aug 6, 2020 — Danny Reber, Executive Director, Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce, discusses “How Scotts Valley is responding to the Pandemic”.
  • » Jul 30, 2020 — Greg Pepping, Executive Director, Coastal Watershed Council
  • » Jun 14, 2020 — “Sing Along with Eden”, with Eden Israel

2020 Election Preparation Forum

Audience members were able to prepare for the March 2020 election at this informational workshop. Santa Cruz County Clerk/Registrar of Voters Gail Pellerin introduced the new electronic voting system that debuts at this election.

Three non-partisan candidates for Judge discussed their readiness for office. Scotts Valley City Manager Tina Friend discussed the proposed sales tax increase.

Scotts Valley Mayor’s State of the City Address 2019

Scotts Valley logo

Scotts Valley Mayor Jack Dilles and other city officials presented the Scotts Valley “State of the City” covering topics such as the city’s fiscal sustainability initiatives, long-term community planning efforts, town center, city-wide development activity, as well as answered the audience’s questions at this popular SVSLA-sponsored event.

Watch the video of this informative presentation with Mayor Jack Dilles, Scotts Valley Water District General Manager Piret Harmon, Fire Chief Steve Kovacs, Police Chief Steve Walpole, Scotts Valley School Superintendent Tanya Krause, and Scotts Valley city council members. Due to technical difficulties beyond SVSLA’s control, this video (51 minutes) includes only the mayor’s address, the audience question and answer session, and slides from Piret Harmon’s report on the water district.

Nutrition Essentials for Seniors

Nutrition Essentials for Seniors

Popular holistic nutritionist, researcher and author, Richard B. Goldberg, PhD, discussed highlights of important nutritional research and practical information about how specific nutrients can bring about improvements in our health and well-being. Review Richard Goldberg’s key nutritional research findings, including scientific journal citations! The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, and a reception with a smorgasbord of “healthy” snacks and beverages.

Watch this video (40 minutes) of excerpts of the key nutrition topics and research study findings discussed by Richard Goldberg.

Alternative & Complementary Medicine Program

Alternative & Complimentary Medicine panelists

A panel of well-known experts in the field of alternative medicine discussed how acupuncture, medical marijuana, herbal medicine and nutrition may remedy ailments common to seniors. The placebo effect was also discussed.

Scotts Valley State of the City Address 2018

State of the City Presentation

Mayor Jim Reed, city council members, and other city officials presented the Scotts Valley ‘State of the City Address’ covering topics such as fiscal sustainability initiatives, long-term community planning efforts, town center and city-wide development activity.

Cancer Prevention Workshop

Education is the first step. A representative of the American Cancer Society discussed cancer prevention guidelines and services available for those needing help finding the right treatment. Watch a 12-minute video of this live presentation by George A. Haas.

Scotts Valley State of the City Address 2017

State of the City Presentation

Mayor Randy Johnson moderated and presented the Scotts Valley ‘State of the City Address’. The panel of city officials were Police Chief, Steve Walpole, Fire Chief, Steve Kovacs, and City Manager, Jenny Haruyama. Also in attendance were city council members Jim Reed (Vice Mayor), Donna Lind and Jack Dilles, and Sotts Valley Water District General Manager, Piret Harmon. Discussed were Scotts Valley’s plans for development of new business, commerce, residential housing, city infrastructure and more. Read a “write-up” or watch a video of this live event by George A. Haas in 2 formats:

Healthy Wealth Workshop

This seminar discussed strategies to assist seniors increase their wealth. Independent Financial Planners George Haas and Anthony Rovai discussed important financial topics such as the pros and cons of annuities, putting your money to work, protecting your assets during turbulent times, reverse mortgages and more.

Health Fair on the topic of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Dr. Tony Masri, board certified neurologist specializing in sleep disorders and partner in the Sleep Health MD medical group in Santa Cruz, discussed the risks, symptoms and treatments for this common disorder. Dr. Masri also answered questions and distributed a self-assessment questionnaire to determine if you or a loved one might have a sleep disorder. Dr. Masri introduces what sleep apnea is in this video, and discusses sleep disorders in general in this video. Spring Lakes Park President, Dick Hancey, MD, handled the details.

Scotts Valley State of the City Address 2016

State of the City Presentation

Mayor Donna Lind and other City of Scotts Valley officials gave a “State of the City Address”. Discussed were Scotts Valley’s plans for development of new business, a health facility, a performing arts center, groundwater sustainability, UCSC buildings and more. Read a write-up of this informative presentation and watch a video of the live event by George A. Haas. Julie Mazurek handled the details.


Shirley Sapena, Outreach Coordinator at Hospice of Santa Cruz County, gave a presentation about Hospice’s mission, services, care, and eligibility requirements. She also discussed preparing personal planning documents, such as an Advanced Healthcare Directive.

Tax Information for Seniors

Axel Funke and a panel of local tax specialists gave a presentation and answered questions about tax considerations of which senior citizens should be aware.

Life Planning Event

Life Planning Presentation

Axel Funke, Moderator; Patrick Welch, fiduciary; and Lucille De Jardins and Andrew Danner, attornies, answered questions about trusts, wills, and tax considerations for seniors. Download the useful handouts from this event:

Community Dinner Program

Community Dinner Program

SVSLA hosts fresh-cooked dinners in a community setting where seniors enjoy healthy meals dining and socializing with their neighbors.

Senior Safety Event

Safety Event

Diane Cohan, Chair, introduced a large number of speakers who discussed safety concerns. Speakers included Scotts Valley Fire Chief, Dan Grebil; Scotts Valley Police Chief, John Weiss; Presiding Superior Court Judge, Paul Marigonda; Assemblyman Mark Stone; County Supervisor Bruce McPherson; emergency response team, etc.


Stroke Prevention Workshop

Shawna Riddle, MD, and Terri Primavera and Leah Santos of Dominican Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department, provided information about strokes.

Healthy Heart

Medical experts provided information about how to have a healthy heart. Richard Smith, MD, a Montevalle resident, chaired the event. Speakers included Supervisor Dominican Lifestyle Management, Eric Hand, MA; and Dominican Dietician, Sherri Harrell, MS.


The Alzheimer’s Association gave a presentation on Alzheimer’s disease.


Dave Bengtson described his life with diabetes. Jennifer Kingsley and Melissa DeVera, from the Dominican Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Program, presented information about the disease.

Accent on Mobility

Experts in the field of joint care and treatment discussed mobility concerns. “Total Joint Care,” by Dominican Pain Management; “Knee Pain,” by Dr. Reynolds, Santa Cruz Orthopedic Institute; and “Hip Pain and Treatment,” by Dr. Abidi, Santa Cruz Orthopedic.

Senior Health

A panel of experts discussed health concerns of seniors. “Medicare 101,” by Debbie Reed, Senior Network; “The Maturing Eye,” by Rex Hsei, MD, Bay Eye Medical; “Understanding Alzheimer’s,” David Resnick-Sannes, MD, Scotts Valley Family Practice; “Stroke Prevention,” by Jimmy Chung, MD, Surgical Association of Monterey Bay.

What educational programs would you like SVSLA to support? Send us your ideas!

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