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You can contribute to SVSLA in many ways.  Local residents, businesses, and community owners can now donate monies, materials and goods related to SVSLA‘s mission and receive applicable tax benefits. Monetary contributions are used for smaller projects or as seed money to make it easier to obtain grants from large organizations for more ambitious projects. The donor may designate that their donation be used specifically to support a project of that donor’s choosing. Any amount shows you support SVSLA‘s mission.

Non-monetary donations must support the SVSLA mission and an organization must be identified that is willing to take ownership of the donation and maintain it for use by seniors in the area. If you have questions, please send us an email message.

If you appreciate the grants, educational workshops and services SVSLA has provided the senior community in Scotts Valley since 2010 and would like to support our future projects, please consider making a donation to SVSLA today.

SVSLA is a nonprofit public benefit association organized under California Code section 18000, for charitable purposes and is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3). Our Federal EIN is 26-4549259.

To request the latest SVSLA Annual Report, please use the Contact Form to send us an email message.

Donate by Mail

If you prefer, mailing your generous check is always appreciated. To make a donation by mail, print and complete this form and mail it to:

(If you do not have a PDF viewer installed with which to view our “Donate by Mail” form, you may download one here.)

SVSLA GoFundMe Campaign

donate to SVSLA's GoFundMeCampaign

Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for care packages for needy seniors in Scotts Valley. Scotts Valley High School students will create the care packages and connect with seniors in the community. The care packages are personalized, from one of the students to one of the seniors.

Help SVSLA brighten the day of lonely or needy senior citizens in our community by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign.

If you prefer to donate materials that will be part of the care packages for seniors, we’d be delighted. Please contact SVSLA to make the necessary arrangements.

SVSLA Donation/Suggestion Box

donate to SVSLA at SVSLA events

Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) welcomes your donations at all SVSLA events. Simply drop your donation in the beautifully handcrafted wooden SVSLA Donation/Suggestion box (created by Ken Simpkins of Montevalle, Scotts Valley) which is on display at SVSLA events.

In recognition of your contribution, you will receive a letter from SVSLA for your donation that can be used for income tax purposes. This notification does not represent any tax advice and you should consult your tax advisor with questions regarding your contribution.

Make a $25 tax-deductible donation

donate $25 and receive a DVD of a SVSLA event

Your donation of any size to Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) will directly benefit senior citizens in the Scotts Valley community. Plus, a donation to SVSLA is tax-deductible. (This notification does not represent any tax advice and you should consult your tax advisor with questions regarding your contribution.)

For a limited time, when you make a donation in the amount of $25 or more, you may elect to receive a DVD (video recording) of SVSLA’s recent and popular “Alternative & Complementary Medicine Program.” At this 2-hour program, popular practitioners in the fields of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and medicinal marijuana discussed ways to improve the health and well-being of seniors age 50+. A discussion about the placebo effect was also presented. Enjoy watching, pausing and reviewing key parts of the presentations which are most significant to you. Or share the DVD with friends who do not have Internet access.

To receive your own DVD (video recording) of this educational program, simply make a donation to SVSLA in the amount of $25 or more using a method of your choice listed above on this Donate page. Then send SVSLA a message requesting the DVD.

Shop Online and Support SVSLA

shop online at Amazon Smile and donate to SVSLA

Now you can shop online and help support Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (SVSLA) at the same time! Select merchants will make a small donation to SVSLA when you shop online or search the Internet at their websites at no cost to you or SVSLA. Sign up today!

On the go? AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping App to all AmazonSmile customers using supported Android devices. If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, update your App. Click here for instructions. (AmazonSmile is not currently available for iOS users.)

Add a Bequest to your Will

A bequest is a gift specified in your will or living trust. A charitable bequest to a non-profit organization such as Scotts Valley Senior Life Association offers a tax deduction of the bequest amount against the value of an estate, making it a powerful tool for reducing estate tax, while at the same time providing education and support relating to the health and welfare of senior citizens in the area of Scotts Valley, California.

Some people are hesitant to donate to a non-profit organization during their lifetime because they are concerned they may need their money for medical expenses, emergencies, or to help their children.

You can comfortably donate to SVSLA by designating money or other assets that remain available when you no longer need them by specifying what you wish to contribute in your will or living trust. Some people without close heirs use this type of bequest to donate a large part of their estate to a non-profit organization.

One common approach is to leave specific or demonstrative bequests to family members or other individuals, and then leave a residuary bequest to a charitable organization (a gift made after all the estate’s debts and expenses and other bequests are paid).

To make a bequest to Scotts Valley Senior Life Association or to establish a perpetual memorial fund, your official bequest language must include:

  • » SVSLA‘s legal name:  Montevalle Community Life (dba Scotts Valley Senior Life Association)
  • » SVSLA‘s legal address:  PO Box 66438, Scotts Valley, CA 95067-6438
  • » SVSLA‘s Federal Tax ID (EIN):  26-4549259

Your estate attorney can assist you to create a charitable bequest to SVSLA in your will or living trust.

Language to Help your Attorney/Estate Planner

Your estate attorney can assist you to create a charitable bequest to Scotts Valley Senior Life Association in your will or living trust.

A sample bequest language might be similar to the following:

I hereby give to the Scotts Valley Senior Life Association (TIN: 26-4549259) the sum of $                                   ; or                                     percent (            %) of my estate; or                                     percent (            %) of my estate residue. This gift shall be used for the benefit of the Scotts Valley Senior Life Association to supports its general purposes; or this gift shall be used to support                                                                    (name of a specific program or project).

Volunteer your Time

Join Now!

Scotts Valley Senior Life Association is seeking volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • » SVSLA board members
  • » volunteers to assist at SVSLA events
  • » social media manager for the SVSLA Facebook page
  • » speakers to present topics of interest to seniors at SVSLA workshops

Volunteering can be very rewarding. Feel a sense of purpose. Put your skills and talents to good use. Contribute to a worthwhile cause. Enhance the lives of senior citizens around Scotts Valley. Meet new people. Interact with like-minded colleagues. Recent projects are described in the Completed Projects area.

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